Guide to the Hunt

The map below shows the layout of the hunt along North State Street along with a few clues as well as the distant orbit of Pluto (location of the Pluto Plaque somewhere along this orbit path)


You’ll find the following image on the flat wedges of the 30″ model of the sun which was designed and constructed by Blake Hudson of Hewed Design.

Instructions for the hunt are written on the sun with further information below.kapow-sunimg_2196

The 30″ sun is located on the south-east corner of North State Street just to the north of the round about. (the yellow circle on the  map)  The planets are located at the scaled distance of their average orbits from the sun as if they were laid out in a straight line.

The first 5 planets can be found on the east side of State Street as you head north and the remaining planets are on the west side after you cross at the York Street cross walk.

Planet locations may be adjusted slightly for challenge and safety.  The following image give a visual clue to the plaques that you’ll be hunting for.


The State of the Solar System project team located and checked distances using a scaled map as well as measuring distances with steps (i.e., number of steps in a 25′ distance) as well as timing (i.e., amount of time to travel 25′).  Note that the joints on the straight section of sidewalk as you walk north from the sun are 5′ apart.

Enjoy the hunt and post images of your finds on our instagram link.