The Making


    Enjoy this short video with images of the making of the State of the Solar System project, from concept and Kapow competition to creation.  Thanks to the 5 Whatcom Middle School students, Ruby Kisena, Kyla Carlson, Ellie Hollingsworth, Eli Bohren, Camryn Sutherland, their science teacher Sam Stoner and local artists Blake Hudson (Hewed Design), Jamus Todd-Stone (Keep it Glassy), Debbie Dickinson (the Tile Girl) and Mary Elliott-Keane (the Foundry) for all your contributions in helping to create this great public art project.



After the installation of the sun and the plaques, there  seemed to still be a missing component to the State of the Solar System.  This slide show follows the 4 workshops that were held under the direction of Debbie Dickenson who with a group of 30+ amazing local volunteers  lovingly and skillfully placed the more than 14,000 tiny mosaic tile pieces to create this beautiful base to the sun.  You’ll also see some of the many personal notes and blessing written on the backs of the tiles.